Seth’s Top Summer Moments

Mostly it was amazing because I was with this amazing girl. Kasee and I got to explore the Northwest. We didn’t see any vampires but we did see beautiful mountains and waterfalls. We went on a short hike (3 miles straight up a mountain). We ate crab cakes and kettle corn. We picked a lot of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. We got to teach one of the youth Sunday school classes at church on Sundays. We both fell asleep before the end of the first movie at the drive-in. We laughed a lot. We kayaked up to a pod of killer whales, and we would’ve gone swimming with killer whales except Kasee wouldn’t let me get out of the kayak. 🙂 We grew a pumpkin plant and killed a sunflower plant. We saw a million fireworks. We flew paper airplanes off a big bridge. We had one amazing summer.


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