Wow..Miracles…Wedding Documents (8-4-2014)


Wow. Talk about miracles. This week, Sister Lopez and I saw SO many blessings in our work. In what seemed like the failure-of-best-laid-plans moments, on the brink of discouragement, we were blessed with miracles.

The frequency in our branch yesterday went up from 156 to 189! They were having to fit chairs in every open space!! It was beautiful.

We found some amazing potential families this week, and one of them – Elias and Nysia, came to church for the first time yesterday! They loved it. We also found Simon and Kati – a family with so many questions! Missionaries love questions.

This week, we start on wedding documents with Emilia and Saucane! They were a family mais-ou-menos (more or less) progressing, but when we taught them about the Law of Chastity this week, the Spirit was there so strong. We are seeing real changes in them, and sincere desire to follow the commandments. They came to the wedding and baptism we had in our branch this week, and they are already looking forward to temple blessings.

Bento and Isabel. I have had more than a few sleepless nights over them this week. We had a FHE with them and the District President and his wife, and it went really well. Tomorrow we go to discuss the plans for wedding documents. We’

How grateful I am for the gospel. I know that the Lord lives, and that Heavenly Father has a plan for our lives.

Sister Baldwin



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