IT WAS AMAZING!!! (7-28-2014)

Hello family!

In the way of news, we now have two more missionaries in our District – Brazilians! E muito legal! (As a Brazilian would say…) They help us in the language a ton and are actually super good bowlers, as we discovered today.
This week, we had so many blessings! We found some really great new families – Fernando and Christina, Emerson and Agida, Elsa and Cremildo. And Zito and his wife, Gita came to church yesterday! And this week, a member who works for the mission (helping with the missionaries’ visas, etc) and his wife, came and taught Bento and Isabel with us. You guys, IT WAS AMAZING! This couple helped so much. We are THIS close with Bento and Isabel. They have already decided a date for their wedding, and are SO ready to get baptized and prepare to go to the temple. Many a night I fall asleep imagining them in white in front of the Johannesburg temple. E um milagre!
I taught the Temple Prep lesson in our branch this week, and as I was studying about ordinances and covenants, I came across a quote by Elder Bednar. He said:

“As we stand in the waters of baptism, we look to the temple. As we partake of the sacrament, we look to the temple. We pledge to always remember the Savior and to keep His commandments as preparation to participate in the sacred ordinances of the temple.”

It reminded me of this scripture in Mosiah 2: 
“And it came to pass that when they came up to the temple, they pitched their tents round about, every man according to his family,consisting of his wife, and his sons, and his daughters, and their sons, and their daughters, from the eldest down to the youngest,every family being separate one from another.

And they pitched their tents round about the temple, every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple, that thereby they might remain in their tents and hear the words which king Benjamin should speak unto them.”

It’s all about the temple. Our “tents” – uur lives, our families, should be faced toward the temple, and the words of the prophets. 
How grateful I am for temple blessings, and the covenants we make there that tie us and our families to our Heavenly Father.
Love you all!
Sister Baldwin



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