“I have passed out a total of THREE times in my life” (7-14-2014)

I have passed out a total of THREE times in my life.

1. Ran into a couch. I was a kid, okay?
2. Was at a concert. Dad caught me.
3. In the middle of knocking a 15-story building with my companion on the mission.

Yeah. That happened this week. On Tuesday, I felt like I ate something strange, and it was getting worse throughout the day. As we were contacting on the 8th floor, in the fear of vomiting, I knocked a door and asked to use the bathroom. On the way, I got dizzy, ran smack into the wall, passed out. Two old, but very kind, Muslim ladies sprinkled water on my face to help me regain forces. I was okay, just very embarrassed…with a nice big bump on my left eyebrow to show for it.

Turns out, it was more than just some bad food. The mission doctor thinks it might be some kind of virus. I am going to the hospital later today for some tests to get everything figured out. Please, don’t worry. The Lord is watching over us! I should be back to normal here soon.

I spent a few days in our house, trying to recover, but we still had exciting news this week. Emilia and Sowcani came to church again this week, and accepted baptism for the second week in
August. They are a great family. We have another girl, Kina, who has been coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. Today, when we taught her the Plan of Salvation, we really saw the first buds of testimony. “I have never felt like this before!” she said. She’s great.

We got transfers this week, and I get to stay in Maputo 1! I am so happy. I love this branch so much. I have a new companion, Sister Lopez. She was serving in Maputo 2. A new sister from Manga is working in Maputo 2 now, and two more sisters – Sister Harrison and Sister Woodman – are going to Swaziland! I never know what’s going to happen with transfers. Always a surprise! But even though it’s hard to get used to change, I know the Lord sees what we can become through challenges and new experiences. New opportunities to grow!

We started listening to Conference talks in the car, and it’s amazing to see what we learn as we study and ponder these inspired messages after Conference. I really love Elder Eyring’s talks. In his talk in Priesthood Session, he talked about being a good role model, a priesthood man. For me, that easily applies in missionary work, and just being a good disciple of Christ in general. I love when he said:

“So my counsel to you who want to bless others with your priesthood has to do with your life which is private to all but God.

Pray to Him. Thank Him for all that is good in your life. Ask Him to know what individuals He has placed in your way for you to serve. Plead that He will help you give that service. Pray so that you can forgive and so that you can be forgiven. Then serve them, love them, and forgive them.
Above all, remember that of all the service you give, none is greater than to help people choose to qualify for eternal life. God has given that overarching direction to us on how to use our priesthood. He is the perfect example of it.[…] We are to help in that work. Each of us can make a difference. We have been prepared for our time and place in the last days of that sacred work. Each of us has been blessed with examples of those who have made that work the overriding purpose of their time on earth.”

Each of us CAN make a difference. Being a Christ-like leader and example is becoming more and more a desire of my day-to-day missionary service. I am so grateful for the Lord’s example.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you.

Sister Baldwin



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