Zone Conference is like Christmas for Missionaries! (7-7-2014)

Hello everyone!

This week we had Zone Conference, which is like Christmas for missionaries. Our mission vision is to “establish the Church in Mozambique through real growth and by becoming extraordinary missionaries.” President taught us about HOW to become extraordinary missionaries, and what this type of missionary looks like. But more than anything, I was taught and inspired by the teaching President gave – it is not JUST about the mission. It is about life. And it is not JUST about being a missionary. It is about being a true follower of Jesus Christ. So much of what I learned emphasized the eternal importance of this time here. Of working hard, of sacrificing self, of loving, of being proactive. It is going beyond, of doing little things that make a BIG difference. He shared this recent quote from Elder Nelson, that I loved:

“We want both converted missionaries and many baptisms. …we want multi-generational families of faith. God wants His children to return to Him, converted, endowed, and sealed as families!”

That is what its all about, people. Families. Temples. True happiness! I want my service here to begin and continue a personal legacy of obedience, honoring temple covenants, and enduring conversion.

Sister Woodman and I saw many blessings this week as 4 progressing families came to church, and several others who came for the first time. We are working with some amazing families. Yesterday, we sat with a family from the Philippines. They seem so prepared for the gospel. “We were looking for a religion to investigate, and we thought, why dont we try the Mormons? But where would we find them?” Here we are!

AND! Big news from the branch! Filipe got the Aaronic Priesthood, and a new calling as a Sunday School Teacher! And Liria! She got called as….YOUNG WOMENS PRESIDENT! I almost made a scene at Church. I was so excited.

I hope you all are well. I love you, miss you, and am grateful for your encouragment. Thanks for everything.

Sister Baldwin



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