More miracles (6-23-2014)

Hello to all!

I am about out of time here, but just wanted to say hello, and give a quick update. This week, we saw MIRACLES! We found some amazingly prepared families, and are working to help them be baptized on July 12th. Keep them in your prayers! (Mario and Sabina, and Elisa and Pinto). The work is going forward, and we are trying to better ourselves everyday, and I’m reading and studying the Book of Mormon with more diligence. It is bringing a special spirit into our work.

This week, President Kretly gave a training to mission leaders about Christ-like leadership. I had never thought about Christ as a leader before. The Savior, Redeemer, teacher, servant, prophet, yes. But He also was a leader – showing others through example, and helping them want, also, to do the will of Heavenly Father. He left a legacy of divine leadership. I want to be a leader like He was.

Thank you all for everything. Keep sharing the gospel – the Lord is hastening His work to the ends of the earth!

Love you.

Sister Baldwin



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