Tons of doors, Tons of stairs!! (5-5-2014)


Feliz Cinco de Maio!

…there is absolutely NO Mexican food to be found in the country of Mozambique, so that is basically where my celebration ends. Shame.

This week was kind of a doozy. In an effort to find more families in our area, we’ve been knocking a TON of doors. And this means, climbing a TON of stairs. 15-story buildings are a reality. More knocking has also meant more doors slammed in our faces, and a “You can come inside if you are ready to be convinced you’re wrong!” shout from an angry Italian. But, it wasn’t meant to be easy. So we’re just keeping calm and carrying on.

We did sit with some good new families this week, including two families from Nicarágua and another cute couple who is looking for truth. We’re excited to see how they progress. Sister Woodman and I also unearthed our hidden carpentry skills as we did a service project at Bento and Isabel’s. That was another miracle story for another time. But hey, Isabel bore her testimony at sacrament meeting! She says she knows the Church is true! Sister Woodman and I have really been learning that if we do our part, the Lord WILL grant our righteous desires. We have a lot of faith that they will get married and baptized soon.

This week really has been an amazing week of learning. I re-learned in a big way a lesson that I experienced before the mission: when opposition comes, REMEMBER what you’ve already gained and overcome. And expect opposition! Just as with the First Vision, opposition almost always comes before moments of spiritual and eternal importance. I am learning to cast not away my confidence (Hebrews 10:35) as I face opposition in our work and with our investigators. The gospel is true. The truth has been restored and our Savior lives. He loves us. So what else matters?

I love you all! Until next week.

Sister Baldwin



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