No sweat…and a new companion!


It’s been a good week. Winter is starting in Maputo, and it is really funny to see all the Mozambiquans walking around with scarves and coats. I’m like, now I can just walk around comfortably without sweating so much! 
It was a normal first week with a new companion, just working to get a feel for each other and create that synergy together. But I love Sister Woodman. She is a really amazing missionary and I am learning alot from her. I am really excited to work hard and see what we can accomplish this transfer. 
Felipe and Liria’s wedding is only a few weeks away! We are getting so excited for them. Bento and Isabel are still struggling with marriage, so we are praying alot for them and trying to do our best to strengthen their faith. We found an awesome new family this week, Marcos and Lilianna. They are legally married already! Bonus. He has already read through most of the Book of Mormon, and has lots of doubts about little details. We are helping him to work to gain a spiritual witness of the book’s truthfulness. My testimony really has been strengthened that everyone who reads the Book of Mormon with desire to know the truth, and to ask, and act, WILL receive an answer. I have seen it change people’s lives. I have seen it change my own! Preach My Gospel says:
“Rely on the promise in Moroni 10:3–5. Every person who sincerely reads and prays about this book can know with certainty of its truthfulness by the power of the Holy Ghost. Do all you can to help investigators:
  • Read the Book of Mormon and ponder its message concerning Jesus Christ.
  • Pray to God with faith in Jesus Christ to receive a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration.
  • Pray sincerely and have real intent, which means that they intend to act on the answer they receive from God.

You too should apply this promise regularly to strengthen and renew your own testimony of the Book of Mormon. This renewed testimony will help you maintain a firm confidence that anyone who applies this promise will receive the answer.”

I want to continue to strengthen my testimony of the Book of Mormon so that everyone I meet knows that I know that the Book is true.

Sister Woodman and I have also taken a lesson from Elder Uchtdorf’s conference talk and are striving to be more grateful and recognize every day the blessings we receive from the Lord. It is so amazing to see that the more you consciously look for His hand in your day, the more blessings you recognize! One of my most very favorite things about being a missionary is seeing, so very clearly, the Spirit working through you, and the ways the Lord blesses you and those you serve. His hand is apparent. I know that an attitude of gratitude is what helps us to find true happiness.


I hope you all have a fantastic week! Thank you for your love and prayers. 

Vida e boa.

Sister Baldwin



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