The Pride Cycle, The Spirit of Elijah and Miracles (4-8-2014)

Ola queridos,

First things first. You should read this blog post President Kretly posted about our miracle. The pictures make it even better.

How are you all? As it gets warmer there, it gets beautifully cooler here. Tender mercy, let me tell you. There is much less heavy panting/sweating happening. That is nice.

This week, we had an AWESOME Zone Conference. President Kretly taught us about the Pride Cycle. What was a typical Sunday-School-type topic became a real lesson for me. If we want to prosper, we have to be free of pride, and recognize the hand of the Lord. The Book of Mormon teaches this principle clearly and powerfully. See Helaman 3-4.

And it came to pass that they did repent, and inasmuch as they did repent they did begin to prosper.” (Helaman 4:15).

President also taught us about, what he believes, is one of the most powerful resources in conversion: The Spirit of Elijah. Teaching from this amazing talk by Elder Bednar, we learned that:

The Spirit of Elijah affects people inside and outside of the Church.” What an amazing way to find more of Heavenly Father’s prepared children – teaching about the redemptive work of salvation of the Restored Church. I felt inspired and grateful for the example of my family, who so faithfully seeks out our kindred dead. Shout-out to you, Cody!

This week, we taught Bento and Isabel about the Law of Chastity and Eternal Marriage. They are an amazing, prepared family. I have an immense love for them. Please pray for them! Carlos is a shining star in his new calling. Two adorable girls we taught were baptized this weekend. Milagres.

Sorry for the novel. Things are going well. I love you all. The Church is true!


Sister BaldwinImage



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