The Work Rolls Forth (2-10-2014)


Hope this letter finds you all healthy and well. We’ve had a few sicknesses going around the Sisters apartment, but I think we’re on the up and up.

I wish I could sufficiently describe the growth that we are seeing here in Maputo. The Lord’s hand is liberally and graciously blessing both branches with many miracles. We gleefully run around church on Sunday looking for extra chairs to put in the chapel and in Relief Society. And there were TWO more weddings this past weekend! It is such a sacred privilege to be a witness to this amazing spread of gospel truth. It was a little bit of a crazy week for Sister Olander and I, and we ended up having to move our baptisms to the 22nd. But we’re excited for this date, and working to find more families. President Kretly always tells us (quoting President Packer, I believe) that you get what you go after. So we’re diligently going after families. This is what the Lord expects of us here. Our recent-convert, Carlos recieved the priesthood, and is now participating in Institute and is already an amazing ward missionary. We also began teaching two youth, Louisa and Milton, that were references from a Brasilian family in our branch.

In my gospel studies this week,something I’ve been learning in a big way is about correction. I was studying the principle of the Lord’s chastening in the scriptures, and something in the Doctrine and Covenants struck me:

“My people must be tried in all things, that they may be prepared to receive the glory that I have for them, even the glory of Zion; and he that will not bear chastisement is not worthy of my kingdom” (136:31).

Elder Christofferson has said: “Remember that if we resist correction, others may discontinue offering it altogether, despite their love for us. If we repeatedly fail to act on the chastening of a loving God, then He too will desist. He has said, “My Spirit will not always strive with man” (Ether 2:15).”

 I know that the Lord’s correction is an evidence of His love, and the way for us to become more refined, more sanctified. He is the Gardener here, and He knows what He wants us to be. I am learning to accept and willingly seek His correction.

Here’s to a great week! Love you all.

Sister Baldwin



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