“Africa is like Kirtland” (2-4-2014)

“Africa is like Kirtland, Ohio in 1832.”

This is a quote from Elder Bednar that was mentioned to us by Elder Hamilton, of the Seventy, who visited us this week. Um, wow! We had an awesome Zone Conference this week, in which we were shown, how much the Lord is really blessing the Church in Africa. It’s amazing. I was incredibly uplifted, inspired, and motivated by all the Elder Hamilton taught, including the focus we need to give on exaltation and eternal families, and not just on baptism and salvation. How grateful I am for the blessings of eternal families. In a world where Satan is attacking the family more than ever, the knowledge of the restored gospel helps us find and enjoy TRUE happiness. And it is only in eternal families that we qualify for the highest and most glorious of God’s blessings prepared in His plan.

Sister Olander and I worked hard this week on improving our spirit of unity in teaching and working, and in using our time more effectively. The resultant blessings were many! We found some really amazing families this week that we are excited to sit with again. Benjamin and Virginia already have contact with the Church, and were greeted by many members who know them, when they came to church on Sunday. Patrick and Sariah understood the Restoration well and are excited to read the Book of Mormon. And this week, we are preparing for the baptism of Sandro, and his two awesome daughters, Sharon and Chelsea, and our other young woman, Laurinda. They are progressing well, and we love them. It has been so gratifying and humbling to see the Lord working changes in their lives and in their hearts. It has changed me, as well. Sister Olander and I are working alot to train and help the Young Women in our ward. They are amazing, and are such good examples to the other members of the ward, and to their friends. They are already such powerful missionaries. I am so impressed with their love for and loyalty to the gospel.

In my studies this week, I compared the servitude of Samuel (1 Samuel) and Geazi (2 Kings 5), and what kind of servant I want to be. Both servants saw incredible miracles worked by the Lord and his chosen, but chose to serve in different ways. I also have been studing more in depth, the examples of teaching found in the standard works – Christ the Master Teacher in Luke 24, Alma and Amulek in Alma 11 & 12, Ammon in Alma 18, and Aaron in Alma 21 & 22. The kind of teacher I want to be!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you.

Sister BImage



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