So Many Miracles (1-14-2014)

Hello to all!

Another wonderful week.

This week, the water in our apartment decided to stop working, so if you can imagine the chaos that would ensue for nine sister missionaries with no water…that was us. But on the bright side, I’m getting quite good at bucket showers. Useful skill, I’d say.

Yesterday, Carlos got confirmed! Wow. The change that we’ve seen in him has been amazing. He is so happy. He has purpose. In his blessing, it was said that he would have a family and marry in the temple. Hello, that was amazing. He is starting to help with missionary lessons and is preparing to receive the priesthood. An amazing guy. We are working with some part-member families, and just received an awesome family as a reference from Armindo, a ward missionary who helps us out a ton. Jonas and Maria are amazing, and we’re excited to start teaching them. We are also preparing Sandro and Laurinda for baptism here in a few weeks. The Lord is blessing us immensely. We are seeing so many miracles. I am seeing so clearly how He is blessing and strengthening me to be able to do His work, despite my weaknesses and mistakes. Sister Olander and I have been working on improving our teaching skills and being more sensitive to the Spirit. It’s hard work, but as we know, the good news of the gospel is that change is ALWAYS possible. What glorious news. As Elder Nelson said in this past conference, “The Savior’s way of life is good.” Isn’t that the truth!

Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers! I feel them. I hope it is a good week for all!


Sister Baldwin



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