Carlos and Christmas (12-16-2013)

hello everyone!

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? That’s crazy. I think I will perpetually be in May. Well, (early) Feliz Natal!

This week, Sister Olander and I had some really good experiences with member lessons. Members are everything in this work! We are so grateful for the influence they have in the lives of investigators. Right now, we are working with Carlos, a 28-year-old guy that contacted US on the street. We are preparing him for baptism on the 28th. Carlos really wants to do what’s right, and has been searching for the right way to live. Last night at our Christmas program, he said he felt such a strong spirit. We love him.

We are also working with two families. Both of them are having some difficulties in their marriages, but it really is amazing to be able to promise them the blessings of the gospel, blessings that will change their families. I am so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel that blesses my family.

It’s transfers this week, and I am SO excited, overjoyed, and grateful to be able to work with Sister Olander in Maputo 1 for a transfer. The Lord has things for us to do here!

Nesta epocha de Natal, quero prestar meu testemunho – que sei que nosso Salvador vive. Ele expiou por todos nos, para que pudessemos vencer pecado e voltar a Sua presenca. gracas damos a Deus pela incomparavel dadiva de Seu filho divino.

Love you all!

Sister Baldwin

”If we fully appreciated the many blessings which are ours through the redemption made for us, there is nothing that the Lord could ask of us that we would not anxiously and willingly do.” -Joseph Fielding Smith


One response to “Carlos and Christmas (12-16-2013)

  1. hi sister baldwin. just wanted to wish you a blessed and happy christmas. i am so excited about seeing you on the computer on christmas day. i guess that you know that cody, maley and our mae will be moving to austin, texas. i will miss that little gal, as well as cody and maley. i can’t wait until you get back and we can have a big family reunion and we can hear all about your life as a missionary. my brother lives in austin, so if i visit there i will get to see him. he is ill, so please say a prayer for him. you are so close to the lord that i know he will hear you. you should remember bill, the one with all the cats. we had some 70 degree weather here for a few days, after a few snowfalls and now it is going back to winter. the weather sure is not boring. i miss you and your very interesting and delicious meals. i know that you are happy and i am grateful for that. take care of youself and know that you are loved. grandma


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