Picnic, Pie and Prayer

Hey everyone!

I hope this email finds everyone happy and healthy! Another good week. Last P-Day, I celebrated my birthday last week by picnic-ing at the beach with the Sisters from my District. It was awesome. This week, we are having our own Thanksgiving dinner with the Senior Couple missionaries. Sister Olander and I are responsible for pie. I hope they make it to dinner.

It was a little bit of a tough week in our area. We are doing A LOT of contacting, but finding it difficult to find investigators. We found a lot of inactive members, and me and the sisters in our district felt a little discouraged. We felt a little bit like we’re back at square one. Then I was reading a conference talk from April, and read this:

“The Lord loves you and wants to reveal to you His mind and will. Could you ever imagine the Lord having a problem He could not solve? I can’t. Because you are entitled to revelation, He can help you solve every concern you have […] if you will but seek His help.” (Elder Callister)

Now, all of us are humbly and reverently seeking the Lord’s guidance, to find those inspired ideas that will help us in our area. We know the Lord sees potential in us, and in this area. His work will go forward! Faith and obedience. That is what he requires of us.
Thank you all for your love and support. Have a great week!

Sister B



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