Birthdays and Testimony!! (11-18-2013)

Hello family and friends!

Thank you for all the birthday emails! My day was great. I get to spend my 21st year on the Lords errand! What a privilege.

This week, Sister Olander and I realized that we needed to step up our game. We feel the great expectations that the Lord, and our mission president, has for the sisters, and we want to be more worthy of their trust. We worked more diligently on contacts and on bearing our testimony. As we have been trying to share our testimonies more frequently, and strengthen our conviction, we are growing and learning alot.

In my study this week, I read some cool things about testimony.

Revelations 12:10-11: Our testimonies of Christ are what overcame Satan in the Premortal Council. They are powerful!

Jeremiah 20:9:This is how my testimony feels!

Some other scriptures I studied this week:
Psalms 104:34
2 Corin. 4:4
Alma 29

We are also seeing the influence of the Spirit in great abundance in our area. We had numerous instances this week of finding some amazing people, and knew that it was through the guidance of the Spirit. We are more and more excited everyday for the potential of our area.

Deus ainda e um Deus de milagres!

Have a great week!

Sister B



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