Birthday Week (11-11-2013)

Hello everyone!
Well. If I thought I walked alot in my old area…I was wrong. If I thought I sweat alot in my old area…I was wrong. If I thought contacting in my old area was hard…WRONG-O! Maputo 1 is like a whole different world, or a whole different ball game (as Sister Olander would say), but I know that there are families here that the Lord has prepared for us to find. So for now we’re just walking all over and talking to everyone. It is a challenge of faith, but I know the Lord knows our potential, and the potential of the area. So, onward!
We are focusing in Polana Cimento, a part near the edge of  our area that is close to the ocean. We work with Sister Thornton and Sister Harrison, and we love them. We are also loving this branch – in what other place in the world would you have an unexpected wedding right after Sacrament Meeting? Classic. I am excited to work here.
Sister Olander and I have also picked a theme for our transfer, and this time, it’s testimony. At our last zone training, one of our zone leaders from Portugal told us to “work our testimonies,” so Sister Olander and I made a testimony jar, and count each time we bear testimony in a contact or lesson. Each week we are focusing on an aspect of our testimonies that we want to strengthen – the nature of God, the Atonement, the Restoration, living prophets. We want to strengthen our own testimonies and help others develop theirs. I am so grateful to have a testimony of this gospel!
This week, I hit my six month mark, and my 21st birthday. It is going to be a good week! Time is flying and the miracles are happening!
Thank you all for everything!
Sister B


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