Moroni’s Courage (10-28-2013)

Hello everyone!

So, I still have not seen ALL of Conference. BUT, I did see the Sunday morning session, and wow. What amazing and inspired counsel. I read the Sunday afternoon session talks online, and I really loved Elder Nelsons talk, “Decisions for Eternity.” Some of my favorite highlights:

“Your yearnings to learn and change come from a divinely instilled striving for eternal progression.”

“The Saviors way of life is good.”

“Each day is a day of decision and our decisions determine our destiny. One day each of us will stand before the Lord in judgment. We will each have a personal interview with Jesus Christ.”


This week, I finished the Book of Mormon again. We had some really cool experiences with our investigators gaining testimonies of the Book of Mormon ‘ two women, Matilde and Menalda, read and understand, and are gaining a strong conviction of this book. I know it is true. It changes lives. It is amazing to see the illumination it brings into peoples lives. As I was reading in the end, I was just so inspired by the example of Moroni. He is alone, seeing the destruction of his entire peope, seeing so much wickedness, and knows he will die, but just has such incredible faith. Such great hope. I wondered how he could have that hope, but then re-read Mormon 8:35. I think that is why he was so optimistic despite the awful he saw – because he saw our day. He saw 80,000 missionaries. He saw the growth of the Lords church, the Restoration of the truth and the acceleration of this great work. That is enough to bring the greatest hope. It does for me.

I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for everything.

Sister B



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