General Conference and Power Outages! (10-21-2013)

Dear family and friends,

I am happy to report, another amazing week. And truly a week of learning. A week of joy, increased faith, and miracles. This is the best work in the world!

I finally got to watch the Saturday sessions of Conference, but because of a power-outage, I still have yet to see the Sunday sessions. But wow. Even from the talks I heard, it was such an inspiring conference, and I feel so spiritually fed. I know that our prophets and apostles are called by the Lord to testify of him. One of my favorite talks from Saturday was S. gifford Nielsen, when he talked about the scripture in Isaiah with the exclamation point. It really inspired me to have more joy in the journey, more enthusiasm in my life. Christ lives! the gospel has been restored! there is so much to be excited and joyful about.

this week, I learned some really important lessons about following the will of the Lord. I think for much of my life, and especially my time on the mission, I have been Martin harris.I have been pushing my own will upon the Lord, and when he finally gives it to me, it turns out with little success. I am learning to understand and follow the Lord’s will, so that I can do his work in his way. this is how miracles happen, how we find success. truly, his ways are higher than our ways. (Isaiah 55:8-9) I have also been learning  more about my responsibilities here on the mission – to establish the Church here. this includes having enough faith to continue to work to find those whom the Lord has already prepared. they are out there. I just need to find them, and invite them to see and live the blessings of the gospel. We have seen miracles come from this. We are now working with a n incredibly good family who we found because they were searching for us.
they were looking for truth and the Lord guided us to them. E um milagre. We have seen some obstacles in the lives of these families, but in a work of such importance, I know that they are things we can overcome. Nothing is impossible with the Lord.

I wish I could write all the amazing miracles and tender mercies that I experienced this week – time only permits a short summary. But really, we have been so blessed this week, and I am so grateful to be here as a representative our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I love you all!

Sister Baldwin

Some funnies from this week:

-Some bandits started to follow us on the road. Sister Olander didn’t know what was going on, so she invited them to Church.

-Our Portuguese district leader inviting us to ‘work’ our testimonies. Oh, I WILL. I will WORK my testimony.

Some spiritual thoughts:

-the hebrew word for devil is ‘spoiler.’ Isn’t that such a perfect description of what satan does?

-1 Nephi 2:1-7, 1 N 17:9, 50-51


One response to “General Conference and Power Outages! (10-21-2013)

  1. again, i hope you get this, sister baldwin. i love reading your post and seeing the pictures. i tell you this each week, but you must know it warms my heart to be a part of this. cody, maley and amazing mae came for dinner tonight. she is so happy at our house and just adores your mom. you will be her favorite auntie when you come home. meanwhile, i am waiting to hear you news this week. take care, i love you and as always, you are in my prayers. ps. the bucs haven’t won a game yet! oh, well!


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