On the Mend! (9-30-2013)

Hello everyone!

So, a few months before the mission, a friend of mine, in relating his mission experiences, said “there wasnt a time when I wasnt sweating.” Yeah, I laughed at that until this week. Now, I am living it. HOT.

I got a little sick this week, but am feeling much better. The senior couple that just came are medics, and think that I have an ulcer. It will be around for a little while, but I think I am on the mend. Nothing can stop this missionary! The work will continue!

I have had a good first week of training. It has been difficult getting into the groove with a new companion, and I feel a great responsibilidade, but 1 Nephi 3:7 was, is, and will always be true. The Lord will provide a way for those things that he asks us to do. I have faith in that. We are working on finding new families and reaching our goals, which are other acts of faith. We are talking to EVERYONE, and with the help of the Spirit, seeking those who are prepared to receive us and accept the message of the Restored Gospel. It is hard work, to be sure, but like I always say, the most rewarding work there is. I am so grateful to be apart of it.

This week, in true missionary form, I will invite all of you to share the gospel this week. Pray today for those opportunities and seek them out. Like Elder Andersen said, as you do so, names and faces will come to your mind of who you can help. I know that is true. I want you all to feel this same joy, the true joy that resides in this work. Send me your experiences!

Thanks for your love, support, and prayers. This gospel is true, truth has been restored. The Savior lives!

I love you all!

Sister B



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