Sister Olander! My new companion (9-23-2013)

Hello everyone!

It’s been a really busy, but really good week! We had a wedding, baptisms galore, and new sisters! It’s really been great.

First off, the new sisters are AWESOME. First day, they came with such a eagerness to learn and to work, and they are way fun. We already love them. My new companion is Sister Olander. She is from Washington, and is a nurse! I got a little sick this weekend, so it was a major blessing to have her. She helped so much. I will stay in Maputo 2 and work with her. I am so excited!

Our couple, Victoria and Carlos, got married this weekend, and the wedding was really great. Mocambiquans sure like to party! It was even more special when we saw them enter the waters of baptism with their little girl, Selma, and get confirmed on Sunday. They were so happy. Victoria even came to help clean the chapel on Saturday at 8 a.m., the day after her wedding. A really special family. 4 other siblings from our family of 10 were baptized on Saturday, and they are a miracle that I am grateful for more everyday. I visited them the night of their baptism, and we had a testimony meeting. It was amazing to hear them bear such strong testimonies of the truth they have learned and felt. I know that it was only through the Lord that I was able to help them. I remember distinctly feeling in that testimony meeting that they are a family who, upon hearing the truths of the gospel, recognized truth they had already learned, before this life. It was familiar to them, so they followed with faith. They are amazing.

Now that we’re all in our areas with our new companions, I am ready to work, and find more of God’s prepared children. This work is amazing!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks for all your love and support!


Sister Baldwin

2 Tim 1:7

1 Nephi 16:29


One response to “Sister Olander! My new companion (9-23-2013)

  1. hi sister baldwin, i hope you get this message. i have to be more attentive to the day that i can write to you. as you know, mom returned home last thursday. i was so happy to see her and hear the news of all the new babes. maley was so good to me when your mom was gone. she took me on errand runs and brought mae over to play. she and cody took good care of me. it was fun cooking for your dad, although i think he wondered when he was eating sometimes. we are going to a ct concert in hershey, pa on the 8th of oct. i can’t wait. i have to tell you that i am so proud of you and of all that you are doing in your mission area. i know that you are taken care of and loved by heavenly father and by all those up there with him who lovingly watch over you. you are in my heart and in my prayers. take care of yourself i love you


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