Esperar…(Wait and Hope) in Portuguese (9-16-2013)

hello everyone!

I am on the janky computer again, so please forgive the capitalization problems that will ensue.

I have been thinking lately about a sentence in my call letter that says: ”greater blessings and more happiness than you have yet experienced await you as you humbly and prayerfully serve the Lord in this labor of love among his children.”

I can say, I am feeling this. Wow. I am happy. So happy.

I am seeing, in amazing ways, the hand of the Lord blessing this work here. It’s incredible. Miracles are happening!

I had some really incredible experiences with the holy ghost this week – just simply following thoughts to do something, and seeing incredible results. One was with a couple that the Elders had previously taught. I found their teaching record in our area book, and just felt like we should call them. We did, and later in the week, had a lesson. We found a family bem especial. They have strong testimonies of the Book of Mormon and of the Church, but have just needed help to continue. I have a lot of hope for their progression. I also had a really cool experience with a woman I contacted on the street. One day, we had a little extra time, so I felt like we should go visit her house. We ended up having a first lesson with her and her family. I remember this lesson because it was one in which I was struggling big time to express what I wanted. My portuguese was really rough, but I could feel a really strong spirit when I was bearing testimony. Later in the lesson, they accepted to be baptized, and we set a date for them. and yesterday they came to church! It was amazing. I don’t always recognize when the Spirit is telling me to do something, but I know that if I just act on every thought to do good, I will be guided. I really want to be a missionary that the Lord can trust with his spiritual impressions.

I have also been learning alot about patience. I really like the word esperar in Portuguse. It means ‘wait,’ but it also means ‘hope.’ I think this is what patience is. Waiting with hope. Christ was really the perfect example of this – in the Joseph Smith translation of Matthew 3;24, we can see that Christ waited patiently until the time of his ministry. I love that. I love the example in the Book of Mormon of the people waiting steadfastly for the signs of Christ’s coming (see helaman 16:13-14, 3 Nephi 4-8,13-14,20). One of my favorite examples of patience is in acts 3:1-11, 5:14. The lame man who sat at the temple had probably seen Christ there many times, but he was never healed. It wasn’t until the apostles came later, that he was healed, and this led to the conversion of many. We don’t always know why the Lord works the way he does, but his ways are perfect, and he works in a way that is to the salvation of all his children. I am learning this as I wait with patience and faith in the growth of others.

anyway, sorry for the novel. I am just so happy. I wanted to share some of those things will you all. Really, this is an amazing work!

a few other things before I finish:

-Welcome to the world Baby Nash! Can’t wait to meet you.

-My feet touched the Indian Ocean today! (see the attached photos)

-hit my 4 month mark yesterday! Crazy.

-5 new sisters come this week!

-We have 7 baptisms and a marriage this week! Plus, the others sisters have 2 baptisms, and the Elders have 2, and a marriage. Miracles are happening!

I love you all! thanks for everything.


sister Baldwin




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