Baptisms!! (9-9-2013)

Hello everyone!

Well, I am anxiously waiting to hear news of new little baby Baldwin! Congratulations Matt and Brittany! That is so exciting. I’ve only been on my mission about four months and already missed three births! Crazy. But can’t wait to meet all these little ones.

Well. This week. We had a baptism for three members of our 10-person family that we’ve been working with, and it was amazing. And crazy. Our first baptism: too much water (the font was overflowing.) Second baptism: NO water. We got a call from the Elders the morning of the baptism saying the water in the chapel wasn’t working, so we had to run around trying to make other plans. We ended up going all the way to Matola, and surprise, not enough baptism suits. (That’s why only one, Michael, is in white in the pictures). BUT the baptism happened, and it was such a special day. We love this family. Miracles are happening!

We also heard news that 5 new sisters are coming on the 18th. Wow. I hope we’re ready!

Today, we also opened the marriage process for one of our couples! We went to the registry with them, and they will be married on the 20th, and baptized on the 21st! We are so excited. It has been a long journey, but the Lord is blessing the people here so much. Another miracle.

I am learning some really important things here on my mission. I am a person who really likes to have control over everything. I just want everything to go my way, and I want to be able to visibly see my success. But really, this is not the way the Lord works! We have to rely on Him, and trust that His ways really are better. Because “it shall be in his own time and in his own way, and according to his own will” (D&C 88:68). I am learning to be more patient and more dependent on the Lord in every aspect of this work. It’s hard, but the Lord is patient. I’m also learning to act immediately on the impressions that I receive, just as Nephi did (Helaman 10:2, 12).

Thank you all for your love and support. I love you all! Until next week.

Sister B



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