No Longer the Newbie!! (8-12-13)

Hello everyone!

So much happened this week! We got TONS of new Elders, and it’s pretty nice not feeling like the noobs anymore. I feel like I’ve come a long way in six weeks! I am excited to see what I can do with these next six. We didn’t get any new sisters from the US like we originally thought, but we did get two new native sisters! It’s amazing! We now work in trios, and Sister Smith and I’s other companion, Sister Bulha, is from Beira. She doesn’t really speak any English, so I’m really grateful for her help in Portuguese! I am really excited to work with her.

We also started teaching english classes during the week, and in our companionship, we started having FHE with a new family each week – last week it was with one of our families that is getting ready for marriage, and we talked about 1 Nephi 8 – the Tree of Life. It was such a powerful experience. This family is ready! They have such strong testimonies, and even with all the difficulties in helping some of these families get married, I know more than ever that when the Lord gives us commandments, he ALWAYS provides a way for us to follow them. Always.

This week we had a District Conference, which was incredible. They showed the video about Mozambique (Mom – I hope you showed this to everyone!) and it brought an incredible spirit into the meeting. I was crying of course, and so many of our investigators that came had immensely powerful experiences with it, and the many testimonies that were borne. Really, I know more than ever that this is the Lord’s work. I have never been more aware of my weaknesses, but somehow, the Lord is using me to help His beloved children. What a privilege this is. He is working many miracles here. This is a theme of our mission, and really, only have been here for a few weeks, I can already see these miracles (Mormon 9:15, D&C 31:7-8). Realmente e um milagre!

Thank you all for all your love and support, as always! Hurrah for Israel!


Sister B


One response to “No Longer the Newbie!! (8-12-13)

  1. hi kasee, i heard that you had a very good week. i love reading about all the things that you are doing.

    it is kind of quiet here until mae comes. then it becomes fun time. i wish someone would take video of her. she is so happy, smart and so full of life. i am not doing too much this year. i am skipping celtic thunder as i couldn’t get tickets. when you come home, i will have a ct party and we will watch all the videos. aren’t you excited? yeah, right. all kidding aside, i miss you and pray that you will accomplish all the things you want to do. you are always in my heart. i love you. take good care of yourself.


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