This is truly the Lord’s Work!! (7-29-13)

Hello everyone!
Okay. I could probably write a NOVEL about this week, but we all know that I basically have like, 5 seconds to email, so I will be brief. But really, this week was amazing.
Segunda-feira (Monday): We visited with some awesome women in our branch, and they taught us how to cook the traditional Mozambiquan meals. It was so great. And really entertaining for them. They are seriously some buff women, because after all the cutting, stirring, and using the pilaou (sp?), we were exhausted. We also had to walk through this HUGE market, and got to experience some funny things, including cow heads being shaved and Sister Thornton getting asked if she could take someone’s back to Portugual with her. Funny. But the food we made was so good and we had such a good time bonding with them. I was actually surprised – being able to eat a lot is basically the only skill I came on mission having, and I was struggling to eat all of the food they gave us. I’m pretty ashamed at myself! I will just have to keep trying. Ha. Oh! Also on Monday, we also bought our first capulanas, so basically, we’re African.
Quarta-feira (Wednesday): Sister Smith had a training meeting, and being her companion, got to tag along. I was so grateful – President Kretly is such an amazing Mission President and I know He is called of the Lord. I truly have a testimony of our vision for this mission. He also showed us this video that had been made using clips from Elder Andersen’s talk about Mozambique with interviews from couples who have recently married. President Kretly said he will send out the YouTube link so we can send it out to you all – it is…wow. So powerful. The work is moving forward, and the African people are such a special part of this advancement. On Wednesday, the Sisters also had a celebration for the 24th of July, since this is the name of the street we live on, and it was also Pioneer Day. We celebrated the pioneers, and ourselves, being pioneers in this mission. It was fun.
Sabado (Saturday): We had our baptisms! I really can’t take any credit for the finding or teaching of Vania, but I felt so privileged to be able to see her make this special covenant. Man, we are so grateful for the Elders. When the font was overflowing, the member who was supposed to give a talk didn’t show up, and our investigators were late, they really took care of us. It was a really great service.
Domingo (Sunday): We had the Dedication for the new chapel in Matola. The choir sounded like angels, and Sister Smith and Sister Thornton brought such a special spirit with their version of “Grandios Es Tu” (How Great Thou Art). These members. Wow. I just love them so much. They really are a chosen people of the Lord. They teach and inspire me everday.
This week. So amazing! I love every day of this work. The Lord is in every detail. It makes the hard parts worth it. We hit a roadblock with one of our families preparing for baptism, which was really hard for us. But this week I read in Genesis 18:14: Is anything too hard for the Lord? I’ll answer that – NOPE. I know that the Lord will work miracles. Now is our time to just exercise faith. So I will.
I hope everyone is doing well! I hope you know how much I love you and am grateful for your support and love. Have a great week!
Sister Baldwin


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