Hello everyone!

Every week here gets better and better! There is seriously so much joy in this work. Everyday is work, but so marvelous, and such a privilege.

My companion and I are having some really incredible teaching moments, where the Spirit is guiding us and inspiring the hearts of those we teach. This week, we found a woman, Rose, who is so prepared for the gospel. She accepted our invitation to be baptized, and has such a desire to follow Christ. Another one of our families, came to church, and a week after our first visit, one of the boys had already read to the middle of 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. Some really powerful moments this week.

I have been learning so much lately about my call as a missionary. I’m not here to merely tell people about what I believe. I am here to boldy testify, to declare repentance and INVITE people to come unto Christ by receiving the ordinaces of the gospel. This understanding has given me strength to do things I never thought possible.

We have several baptisms coming up this week, and we are so excited. Our two families preparing for marriage and baptism are moving forward, and seeing their testimonies grow is incredible. The gospel is the way to happiness and light!

My companion and I also visited a member of our branch this week, Celia. She lives in this tiny little house with a tin roof, and has next to nothing. But in her house she has posted a picture of the temple, and is counting down until she can go and be sealed to her husband. These wonderful people strengthen my testimony so much. They are so firm and faithful, and are eager to help us in everything. The sisters and I were inspired this week to move forward the work in our branch by organizing Visiting Teaching, so we are working on that. We know it will bless the lives of the members, and I have a strengthened testimony of this program!

We’ve also had some really funny moments this week – I’ve been the awkward third wheel as my companion goes on “dates” (moments where drunk men follow us and ask her to marry them), we were locked INSIDE a building that we were knocking doors in, and a number of memorable encounters with crazy men. Every day is something new! I wish I could just take a mental video for you all to see! It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. But it’s amazing.

Thank you all for everything you’re doing to support me while I’m here. I had a moment this week where I really realized that the strength that I have to do things here is largely because of your prayers. I feel them – you all have no idea how much! I am so grateful for you all. I love you!

Sister Baldwin



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