Week 2 in Mosambique!

Things are amazing here in Mozambique. It has been fun trying to get more and more adjusted to the culture, language, and this work, but I’m know it will come with time. I am still trying to get used to living in a city – there is so much going on, and a lot of noise! (Shappas, dogs, and the calls to prayer from the mosque behind our apartment). The work is hard, but also so rewarding. We are preparing two families for marriage and baptism, and it is incredible to see the change and light come into people’s lives because of the gospel. This one couple, Creslerio and Joanna, live in the most humble circumstances, but are so prepared. As we taught them about temples yesterday, they just illuminated such goodness and excitement to one day prepare to make those covenants. It was so special.
It has been such a blessing being companions with Sister Smith. She knows so much and is such a great teacher. We also have a lot of fun together (she gets a marriage proposal just about every other day). The language is hard still, but I have faith that the Lord can help me. And the people are so kind, and when they are prepared, the Spirit will teach them, whether I can speak perfectly or not. We also found out that new sisters will be arriving in early August…meaning that us three new sisters will be training then! So basically, I have A LOT to learn, so please pray for me! I need all the help I can get! I just want to be the missionary that Heavenly Father needs me to be. I am so grateful for the enabling power of the Atonement that allows us to grow, change, and become better.
Thank you for all your love, thoughts and prayers! I love hearing from all of you – your experiences, advice, and stories. Please keep ’em coming!
I want to leave little spiritual food for thought as I end, but first, I want to encourage all of you to study Preach My Gospel. It is not just for missionaries! It has such vital and important truths and strengthens me everyday! I would love to hear all the good things that you all learn as you study.
-1 Nephi 18:2 – this scripture is so profound! We can build any ‘ol ship and we can sail somewhere, but we don’t want to go just anywhere! We are going to the Promised Land! So our ships, our lives, need not be built after the manner of men.
-You all should read Tad Callister’s talk from the Priesthood session and President Uchtdorf’s talk from the YW session from last conference. I found some real strength in them this week.
Love you all!
-Sister Baldwin




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