Week 2 -3 at the MTC

Things at the MTC are great. I can’t believe I am already on my third week! Time is seriously flying. But I am loving every minute! Yesterday, a teacher who had just recently returned from Mozambique talked to us about the mission, and I am getting so excited! Soon enough we will be on our way.
This week, I had a turning point in my mission, if you can call it that after just two weeks. We had a devotional this week by Elder Zwick of the Seventy. It was amazing. He told us that being a missionary constitutes serious discipleship. It’s the Lord’s time, not ours. We have to put everything we have on the altar of God. He told us to write down “In order to become more like Christ, I will….” then let the Spirit guide us. I came up with so many things! I have so much I need to do in order to become more like the Savior. But every day here my conversion is deepening and my desire to follow the Savior grows. How grateful I am for the “good news” of the gospel. The truth has been restored! It is magnificent and I walked away from this past week desiring, more than I ever have, to follow and become like the Savior. I want to consecrate all that I have at this time to the Lord. I am also learning that the Lord is patient. We have to realize what His expectations are for us, and work on those, rather than the expectations we think He has for us. It’s like Elder Holland’s latest talk – imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with. It must frustrate Him but he deals with it, and so should we. Also, on this note, I got a Dear Elder from a friend this week that totally spoke to my heart – he said, don’t let Satan get to you. He just wants to make you upset. That is so true! I am not going to let him ruin any part of this experience for me just by making me upset with myself or others. This work is too important!
We are now teaching two new investigators and the Portuguese is coming along. I still occasionally sound like a caveman, but I know that the gift of tongues is real. I just have to do my best! Our district has such wonderful teachers. I learn so much from their example and I love learning more every day! This is the greatest experience and opportunity!


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