Oi minha familia (and others)! Come vai? I feel

Oi minha familia (and others)! Come vai?
I feel really privileged to be able to email you all today, seeing as new missionaries don’t usually have their P-Day the first week they arrive. But because our teacher, Irma Pike (Sister Pike) was telling us our weekly plans all in Portuguese (they call it SYL at the MTC; basically nothing but Portuguese speaking all day, e’rrr day), we were not sure if today was P-Day or not. #lostintranslation But our District Leader, Elder Hamrick, said it was today. So here I am.
How are you all?? When I opened my email from you, Mom, I got so excited and told all the sisters in my district about little baby Lucy. I AM SO EXCITED. Did anyone tell her she now has an African aunt? I’ll have cornrows soon enough. She is one lucky girl. You can tell the MTC is bringing out the humility in me. But in all seriousness, I LOVE the MTC. I am having the best time of my life. The days are long (I literally feel like I’ve been here two weeks already) and the work is hard, but it is amazing what goes on here. The spirit is so strong everywhere, and I already feel myself growing and being stretched. What a marvelous, sacred, and incredible privilege we have here to be in the vineyard working side-by-side with the Master.
The language is coming. Slowly, but surely. After just approx. 48 hours, we taught our first investigator, Raphael ALL in Portuguese. It’s so crazy – normally, the thought of something like that would make me so stressed and nervous, but I felt so calm. It was a hard first lesson, and I mostly just repeated the words for prayer and faith alot. But our Branch President promised us, that as we read the Book of Mormon (in Ingles) and learn the language of the Spirit, the language will come. I believe that. So I’m just doing the best I can, studying, speaking it as much as possible (I’m learning to pray!) and pleading for strength from the Lord…alot. My knees are already getting calloused from being on my knees so much. But it’s amazing. I love it here. Also, the food here is ALL YOU CAN EAT. Yeah, you read that right. #MTC50 or what? The first day or two I just ate a little because I was nervous since we just sit and eat, sit and eat here it seems like, but now I am going hard on the food. The poor Elders in my district, they have nothing on me! I am a machine. I guess learning so much makes you hungry! But I’m trying to have a little self-control. I haven’t eaten any ice cream yet, so that’s accomlishment numero uno. But, the time here is young, so I better not speak too soon! I just like to think of it as my preparation for the scarcity of food in Mozambique.
Speaking of Mozambique, there are a lot of Elders here going with us there, and at least 5 in our District. My companions are Sister Merkley from Nampa, Idaho and Sister Thornton from Salt Lake. They are so sweet and eager to learn and grow. I can’t wait to spend the next 18 months getting to know them better.


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