the final days.

The pre-mission life [in pictures].


The best surprise visit to Houston to visit the family.


My dad missed me while I was away. Can’t you tell?


Oh, how much I’ve missed the ‘burg. #virginiaisforlovers




Found my weekend plans!


Making Neiman Marcus cookies at 10 p.m.  WHY NOT


I love to see the temple. So grateful for the House of the Lord, and the truths we learn there.


The best delivery ever: flowers from my bestie roommate Tasha. They smell SOOOO good.


Having a MK&A movie marathon with my favorite cousins. Never too old for the Olsen twins!

photo(27) photo(28)

Hershey Park with the gang. #sweetestplaceonearth


One response to “the final days.

  1. I am so excited for your mission! You are a stellar woman from great stock and will have much to offer as you share your light with your warmth, your beautiful easy smile, and your sound earned understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so excited to hear what you learn from the locals as you share your light. Fear not, trust in the Lord, all is for our growth which means being uncomfortable is part of the big picture. I hope the blog is where you or your folks post your mission letters. If not, I’ll have to wait. Just know you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers!!!


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