TWEET of the week:


You guys already know my love for Pitch Perfect, so it’s natural that I would have an unhealthy crush on Bumper, aka Adam Devine. I mean, this is one thing, (“that was the verbage! It wasn’t very profesh!”) but making 90s Aaron Carter references via social media? Lezmarry.

JAM(z) of the week:

I have two, is that wrong? Well, WHATEVS. I’m putting two.

“Exhaustible” by Devotchka – I saw Devotchka over the summer at the TCS in Salt Lake when they opened for M. Ward. I only just recently rediscovered their music, and this song instantly transports me back to August: the heat, the boy that filled my time and thoughts, timelessness. Music is a pretty incredible record that way.

Phantom of the Opera – I saw BYU’s production of this on Wednesday, and I’ve totally fallen in love again. Nothing unearths my inner fan-girl quite like haunting organ music and falling chandeliers.

FELLA(z) of the week:

Again, doublin’ up.


Adam (see above).

(gif via)


(photo via)

Praise all that is good, because the Bachelor (and subsequent FHE-ditching) is back. And Sean is a babe. Which girl is my favorite? Couldn’t tell you. Too busy looking at…other things.

PIN of the week:

Harvest Chili. You could say that I’m a fan of Better Homes and Gardens. That would be true. (It would also not be a lie to say that I scoured their website for hours on the weekends during high school…because I’m a very fun person, but that’s beside the point here.) When the cold hits, I crave warm, hearty meals, and this looks positively tasty.

VID of the week:

My friend posted this on my Facebook, and since everyone knows I love old people, this is basically my favorite. Uhm yeah, it’s also kind of frightening because I’m pretty sure I’m like those old men…right now.

“7 ‘o clock at night and I’m in bed and I have my party.” Cue Stefon ACCURATE gif.

(Also, see 2:58 – BEST)

AWK of the week:

Having “Sorry, I have to go. I have chicken nuggets in the oven at home” as my best excuse I came up with to avoid at all costs participating in ward get-to-know-you games

In the NEWZ:

Michelle Obama’s birthday – I am TOTES available if anyone wants to have a lively discussion about Michelle’s new bangs I will provide treats y’all!

With that, I wish you all a pleasant Saturday! I’m outtie.



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