2 posts in 2 days! T.G.I.C! (Please, please someone get that reference….if not, here.)

Anywho, it’s time for what I’ve dubbed: RECAPZ. It’s what every cool person does on their blog, so…best form of flattery? I hope so. Here we go.

TWEET of the week:


Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. I heart funny females.

JAM of the week:

“I Found You” by Alabama Shakes – this band makes me reminiscent for a time I’ve never even lived in. Incredible.

FELLA of the week:


(photo via)

I know, I know. (See previous post) But those freckles…the hair…I just can’t even. I may or may not be dragging my roommate and a full box of Kleenex to another showing of Les Miserables¬†tonight. “Ah, yes. Moviedom has a new crush,” says NYT. Yes, indeed.

PIN of the week:

Corn Bacon Casserole – YUM. My aunt makes this amazing corn casserole for our Christmas Eve dinner, and I’m desperately searching for a similar recipe so I can make it…often. It’s heavenly.

VID of the week:

My roommate and I only just re-discovered this video, and we can’t stop laughing.

“I’m eating french toast…for no reason!” So good.

AWK of the week:

Excitedly entering your BEGINNER piano class and (surprise!) everyone is basically Mozart. Cool.

In the NEWZ:

Tavi Gevinson may take over the world while your read this” by Abbey Goodman, CNN, January 2, 2013

Yeah, she’s 16. But her website is amazing, and very much the future of entertainment writing. Can I be her when I grow up?

That’s all, folks! Happy Saturday!



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