50th post!

It’s some ridiculous single-digit-degree temperature here in Provo and my roommate and I are hiding out in our apartment watching movies like it’s our job, attempting to make last every moment of freedom before the semester starts. How did winter break go by so fast?! I had such a good Christmas, and I’m already missing the family. Hiding fake poop in people’s stuff, kicking butt at Mario Party, and holding adorable babies. SUCCESS. Now, I’m back in Provo, eating peanut butter out the jar and pretending like I haven’t been wearing yoga pants all day. And since I’m determined not to leave the apartment until spring, I’ve gathered a list of the things keeping me happy right now.

1.Pitch Perfect

  tumblr_mfvwafQBLI1qdejh7o1_250 tumblr_mfvwafQBLI1qdejh7o2_250tumblr_mfvwafQBLI1qdejh7o3_250

(gifs via)

I’m not going to lie…I totally doubted this movie. But it’s hilarious. And I’m a fan. Roomie and I have been quoting it all day.

Also, the music is dang catchy.

2. Les Miserables/Eddie Redmayne


(photo via)


Yeah, Les Miserables was amazing, and I love me some Marius. He made my already-immense love for this story even greater. He is a babe. And that movie is incredible. So I’m totally fangirling it. I may or may not have ripped some pages out of a magazine at the gym because they had his beautiful face on them. Yep. Definitely did.

3. Donuts

4. A new season of Dance Moms

I ❤ Abby Lee.


It’s the little things, ya’ll.



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