20 before 20.


Soooo I didn’t get everything accomplished. I’m still working on the Star Wars movies and completing my random acts of kindness, but all in all, I ‘d say I ended my 19th year on a good note, with some really fun memories.

Some observations:

#1: Not an experience I EVER need to have again. Some people apparently don’t appreciate a good rendition of “Oops I Did It Again.”

#3: Sometimes revenge really is sweet. And shiny…

#5: Yeah. It happened in Wal-Mart.

#8: I miss Alex.

#11: LoTR fans…I get it now.

#13: Can’t believe I actually did this! Anything is possible!

#14: Sometimes being brave ends in a wonderful way. Other times, you just fall right on your face. But I’m grateful for both times.

#15: YUM.

#20. 20 is going to be great year. I know it.

Thanks to the roommates for helping me accomplish the tasks! They were such good sports.


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