a & A.

(capital A for this week being EXTRA awesome!)


-Missing the “way to go!” on the Testing Center screen for A scores…twice. DANGITTT

-Going out of my way to stop by Sweet Tooth Fairy…to buy cupcakes…for myself.

-Running to open a door for someone only to find that the door was obviously made out of lead, therefore making me look like a weak and impolite chump.

-Getting lost in a building on a campus that you’ve been attending for a year and a half.

-Bad hair days that turn into bad hair WEEKS.


-Bieber. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t attractive…

-Getting into the Communications Program at BYU. FINALLY a Journalism major! Hooray! Fun celebration.

(Wait…can I add “put this item after Bieber” to my awkward list…?)

-Magical music.

(Book on Tape Worm at Velour. AMAZING.)

-Weather that’s still enjoyable.

-Dinner night with Jeanine, Julie and Alex. I’ve missed those lovely ladies!

-Tavi Gevison. So addicted to her blog and mag. Wish I had been that cool at sixteen…

-Making decisions. Finding peace. JOY.



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