you’ve got mail.

I have this thing about handwritten letters.


The kind sent in thin, white envelopes with funny stamps. The kind that contain letters on lined paper, scrawled in black pen. The kind that make you feel for a moment like a slightly technologically-dated version of your favorite female movie character. The kind that you embarrass yourself pulling out of the mailbox because of your jubilant and incredibly awkward happy-dance that inevitably ensues. The tangible “I care” or “I miss you” that you hold on to and read so many times that the paper wears under your fingers.

The kind that keep you smiling for days.


PS – If you happen to be a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan (of the Nora Ephron variety) obsessive like me, here’s a little pleasure reading – “Five Ways ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Ruined My Life” and “What Nora Ephron Taught Me About Love In The Movies.”



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