this summer.

While my summer (and I use the term loosely) here in Provo has consisted of entirely too many hours spent studying at the library, without the slightest pigmentation indicator of a tan, it has, for the lack of a better word, rocked. While I ponder less-pubescent adjectives, let me virally share of the best moments.

-Having pee-your-pants moments of hilarity with the roomie. Whether we were discussing our dreams of becoming professional Boy Band Connoisseurs, spending two hours sharing funny things we found on Pinterest, or having in-depth discussions about “Dance Moms,” this girl is the cool-iest (not a word, I realize) and we have had such memorable moments over the past 3 1/2 months. She doesn’t judge me when I eat a 500-lb-man’s meal or even ask questions when I demand a run to the grocery store at midnight to get  another toothbrush (I have a problem). She gets me. One of my favorite conversations consisted of a metaphor about boys that went on entirely too long:

K: I’m in a famine.

T: Well, you have a feast tonight!

K: *exasperated* BUT I’M NOT HUNGRY!

-Call me a nerd, but I honestly love being in school. It is such a blessing for me to be at BYU, and I have had some really wonderful academic opportunities. During spring semester, I took Advertising, a class that was so creatively challenging, and immensely rewarding. I also got to take one of the many wonderful religion classes offered at BYU, about living prophets. During summer term, I got to take two journalism classes, and I loved getting to immerse myself deeper in the field I am truly passionate about. I got to interview some amazing people, and write stories. I got the chance to access my “discomfort zones” on a greater level. I also took Bio, and while I disagree with the idea that a “Termite Symposium” can be fun, I have developed more gratitude for the magnificent workings of our bodies, and this Earth. I have really cherished the spiritual and academic growth I have gotten to experience while attending school here these past few months.

-Pre-summer, I thought I had already met the only group of friends that I would need. And while it’s true that freshman year provided me with opportunities to become friends with great people, I am only learning that there are so many wonderful people everywhere, and I know that I have only gotten to meet many more of them this summer. Some of my favorite things about this summer have been spending time with friends who will stargaze, play Settlers (best Mormon board game…fyi), hike Y mountain with you at 6 am, cook you Korean food, help you cross things off your bucket list, take you on adventures to watch movies inside of roundabouts, see The Hunger Games with you for the 3rd time, help you with school assignments, come to Dessert Club, and take you for late-night waffles when you need to get over a breakup. I know that God puts us in the places we are meant to be…I have truly discovered that this year.

Other highlights:

-Volunteering at a senior center here in Provo and getting told I looked “counter-intuitive to Utah.” Thanks, old man.

-Spending nights on the roof of a parking garage watching bands play (Provo has a bomb-diggity music scene, let’s just establish that right now).

-Summer Olympics! My favorite summers. Valid excuses to watch hours of TV and admire attractive male athletes…and by attractive, I meant talented. Yes, talented.

I am quickly realizing that this blog attempt is a poor effort in trying to catch up for the lack-of I had in the past few months, but as a two-week school break approaches, prepare yourself for some kick-butt (well, hopefully better) entries coming soon. Until then….man, no cool sign-off. I’ll ponder that along with better adjectives.




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