interested in…

 …what you guys would say are your favorite songs…like EVER.

Which ones never get old for you? What songs are present on every mix CD you make?

I compiled a few of mine, and I’m demanding (I mean…politely suggesting) you share yours!


1. Hear You Me – Jimmy Eat World Probably my favorite song. This song reminds makes me inexplicably sad, but also reminds me all that is beautiful about life.

2. How Soon is Now? – The Smiths: Do you have those songs that every time you hear them, they bring to back to a very specific time in your life? Well this is one of those songs for me.

3. Cry – Mandy Moore: “A Walk to Remember” makes me so emotional, I can’t even explain it. And when I hear this song at the end, I completely lose it. In the best possible way.

4. Tenderness – General Public: This song never fails to lift my spirits. It’s happiness in a song.

5. Rally – Phoenix: I love this band, and I truly never get tired of this song.

6. To Save Me – M. Ward: Matt is one of the best musicians I’ve heard. I can’t get enough of his  music, and this song is one of my absolute favorites.

7. Your Hand in Mine – Explosions in the Sky: One of my favorite bands. This song is incredible.

8. Can’t Stop Loving You – Phil Collins: I’m pretty sure I’m in love with Phil Collins. There is something so irresistible about his songs. To me, this is what sounds like.

9. Everyday I Write the Book – Elvis Costello: Elvis Costello is one of a kind, and his music is something special. I feel different when I hear him.

10. You’re So Vain – Carly Simon: My favorite “You Dumb Boy” song. Carly knew a thing or two.

11. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac: One of the few songs that actually brings me to tears. I’m not even really sure why.

12. You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift: Besides being one of the best music videos (with one of the biggest hotties AM I RIGHT?!), this song represents the plight of every girl who has ever had a boy that she is invisible to. It’s a teenage girl anthem…one that seems to somehow always remain relevant, and an enstillant of hope.

13. Missing You – Tyler Hilton (also always good by John Waite): This is heartbreak.

14. Cosmic Love – Florence and the Machine: Florence is my girl, seriously. And this song….this song is magical.

15. Poison & Wine – The Civil Wars: There is something so vulnerable and raw about this song. It’s truth.

16. Believe – Cher: Do you believe in life after love? Despite the fact that this song sounds like it was sung by a man, this song is timeless in expressing the very moment you begin to move on from heartbreak. I personally believe it’s greatest effect comes through belting it out (badly) in your room while simultaneously choreographing a corresponding own music video.

17. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson: This is the song that truly reminds me of the first boy I truly cared about. And I never want to forget it.


I’ll probably think of a bunch of others after I post this, but I will at least start here. Your turn!



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