things that are awkward.

My life is defined by awkward moments.

I only wish that were a dramatic exaggeration.

Let me prove my point with some personal instances of awkwardness:

-Someone you don’t know leading you in/out of a parking spot. You’re doing your thing, and all of the sudden Mr. Helpful-Man has to come and guide your tricky maneuver with an impatient hand as if he must get on with his day of “kind” deeds. This makes you feel like a major incompetent chump.

-Falling off a treadmill. And not just falling off the back, but flipping over the side…over the rail…yes.

-Falling off anything.

-Waving across campus and a) having your gesture not reach the intended recipient, thereby causing confusion or b) your recipient not acknowledging the wave, making you feel….well, awkward.

-Your roommates boyfriend napping on your couch. Ughh….

-Admitting to your date that you watch Hoarders…obsessively, and waiting in silence for the “ME TOO!” that never, ever comes.

-Having an ex come over and see that his picture and phone number have been physically torn out of the contact directory for your apartment complex, and then subsequently hearing yourself say “Well, that’s awkward.”

I’ve love to hear your awkward stories. But wait. You probably don’t have any. Because you’re awesome. Well, here’s something for you then, non-awkward readers.

Well, going to be doing this for the next few hours, so until then!




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